Fruit o’clock 🍓

My 2 year old daughter is my hero! She genuinely 100% loves fruit and veg. She would happily munch on a banana, an apple or some raisins over crisps and rubbish. I often wonder how she could possibly be my daughter…

fruit animation
Indi-Rose pinching fruit from the new Royal Doulton x Ellen DeGeneres collection

I mean I like it now. But not as much as I like gin & crisps with loads of dip and cheese…mmmm I love cheese!

I recently ran my first ever half marathon, fitting in all those runs around work, mummying and everything else was hard. But I did it and it felt good. 💪

Half marathon


(That’s my uncle Keith who is 60 and also ran the Stafford Half Marathon – faster than me!! Ace)

I used my training as an excuse to eat whatever the hell I fancied, burning calories meant eating more and hence the scales managed to go up and not down – boohoo! However the half marathon is now done, hours of long runs are over so it’s time to start eating more healthily. Summer is coming and so are holidays – so it’s time for a re-think.

You may have seen my overnight oats post from a couple of weeks ago? I do really enjoy them for a healthy breakfast but its’ time to up the anti on the fruit front a few days a week so I have invested in a smoothie maker. AKA fruit o’clock…🍓

I’m making my recipes up as I go along at the  minute – but I’m really enjoying my creations of various fruits and almond milk.


I work in an office with a canteen and lovely restaurant and tea room with amazing afternoon tea on site. With all those temptations near by it’s essential that I get my prep on as much as possible. Mason jars are such a cool way to prepare more than one lunch at a time. Take a look at my breakfast and lunch all ready for a hard day’s graft, just the other day.

mason jars

I’m still going to be carrying on running, I find that I’m more focussed, positive and find it really sorts me out when I need to un-jumble my brain from all the mummy/work/ life stuff. BUT shorter distances (I just signed up to a 10k race in May) so I can try to balance my healthiness with food AND exercise, not just one or the other.   I’m feeling more positive already!

Good vibes only! ✌️