Taking photos of beautiful flowers 📷🌺

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my new obsession with flower photography… I am loving it.

I was lucky enough to go on a fab photography course at the beginning of May  in London, which has really has renewed my love of getting behind the camera (as apposed to the iPhone) for my content creation. I loved geeking out over all things aperture and shutter speed…


The course gave me some great pointers that I am now using all the time and I’ve included my three top tips below.


Rule number 1: for lovely flower shots: switch off autofocus and turn down your aperture settings to really make the most of those blurry backgrounds. Use low apertures at really close range to maximise detail. You’re really after that depth of field.

On the day we were based in Shoreditch and spent an afternoon photographing flowers in the local park. The Allium above is one of my favourites from the day…I 💜purple.


Rule number 2: use the lowest ISO setting possible for your surroundings, ideally 100 or 200, depending on your light. But again stay away from auto to really make the most of your camera.

What is really great is that I am being asked to take photos as part of my social media manager role more regularly. This year Wedgwood (for whom I Social Media Manage) are partnering with the RHS. Which means lots of floral photography opportunities pour moi. Happy times.


The shot above was taken at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show – I just love the pink in the foreground as the focal point but the various rainbow of colours out of focus in the background.


I have also discovered a new love for tulips. I did not realise just how many variations there are, how different they look and how beautifully they photograph.


My 3rd and final rule for flower photography is: watch the weather, the best light is ultimately going to deliver you those stunning images. The above shots from Chelsea were taken inside but when we were out and about in Shoreditch it was bright but overcast in places, which made for ideal conditions.


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Hope this is helpful if you enjoy all the beautiful blooms at this time of year as much as I do.

Expect much more floral photography from me in the near future as this week I’ll be at the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show  with Wedgwood and I now have the flower photography bug. ✌️

Happy Snappy Mama 📷🌸

Happy Friday lovely people – hope you’ve had a good week…🌸

Friday Blossom

For this Mama it has been one seriously busy one, snap snapping away! After an amazing Easter weekend of fun (and far too much chocolate) my always busy social media manager job went into overdrive. With a short week, holiday planned next week and lots of deadlines looming it has been social media content creation central around here. Phewf – pass me the gin!

Travel Props

I manage the social media for 4 ceramic and crystal lifestyle brands. This week I’ve found myself surrounded by trays of product, props and delicious treats (all in the name of social media photography of course…!) at home and then part of an office move at work – crikey.

Indi-Rose helping

This is all fab and I LOVE my job – being able to plan, photograph, copy write, schedule and measure content from start to finish is ace. However there are days I do have the added fun of my little Social Media Assistant, my toddler, Indi-Rose. This week she has definitely been on hand to “assist” with my kitchen photoshoots in the evenings and on “our Wednesday”. Since returning to work from maternity in 2015 I have worked a 4 day week, so to keep a day mid-week where I know I’ll be spending it with my mini-me.

Indi Marmite Face

In recent months the job has got bigger and busier so my Wednesday with Indi-Rose has become my day working from home, just stick her in nursery I hear you cry…well I will but at the minute I’m still officially on my 4 day week contract so until that changes she’s staying with me. However throughout the challenges this week has flung at us, after many hours of organising and editing, I’m pleased with the results of “our” handy work. Here’s a sneaky peak of one of my images for a new Wedgwood collection …

Rococco Flowers tea squared

I’ve always loved photography and am a complete social media addict so I’m lucky to be able do a job where I get to get my creative juices flowing, can work from home from time to time and which I truly enjoy (and Indi seems to enjoy too, especially the macarons!)

Good vibes only! xxx ✌️