Fruit o’clock 🍓

My 2 year old daughter is my hero! She genuinely 100% loves fruit and veg. She would happily munch on a banana, an apple or some raisins over crisps and rubbish. I often wonder how she could possibly be my daughter…

fruit animation
Indi-Rose pinching fruit from the new Royal Doulton x Ellen DeGeneres collection

I mean I like it now. But not as much as I like gin & crisps with loads of dip and cheese…mmmm I love cheese!

I recently ran my first ever half marathon, fitting in all those runs around work, mummying and everything else was hard. But I did it and it felt good. 💪

Half marathon


(That’s my uncle Keith who is 60 and also ran the Stafford Half Marathon – faster than me!! Ace)

I used my training as an excuse to eat whatever the hell I fancied, burning calories meant eating more and hence the scales managed to go up and not down – boohoo! However the half marathon is now done, hours of long runs are over so it’s time to start eating more healthily. Summer is coming and so are holidays – so it’s time for a re-think.

You may have seen my overnight oats post from a couple of weeks ago? I do really enjoy them for a healthy breakfast but its’ time to up the anti on the fruit front a few days a week so I have invested in a smoothie maker. AKA fruit o’clock…🍓

I’m making my recipes up as I go along at the  minute – but I’m really enjoying my creations of various fruits and almond milk.


I work in an office with a canteen and lovely restaurant and tea room with amazing afternoon tea on site. With all those temptations near by it’s essential that I get my prep on as much as possible. Mason jars are such a cool way to prepare more than one lunch at a time. Take a look at my breakfast and lunch all ready for a hard day’s graft, just the other day.

mason jars

I’m still going to be carrying on running, I find that I’m more focussed, positive and find it really sorts me out when I need to un-jumble my brain from all the mummy/work/ life stuff. BUT shorter distances (I just signed up to a 10k race in May) so I can try to balance my healthiness with food AND exercise, not just one or the other.   I’m feeling more positive already!

Good vibes only! ✌️



You can do ANYTHING (but not everything) 🤯🤯🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘✨

Sometimes day to day life can seriously mess with your inner peace. ✌️

A rushed morning, an silly argument with the hubby, a toddler tantrum, a forgotten work pass, a spilt drink, workload piling up and that horrible feeling of irritability that just will not subside. Until finally the slightest inconvenience tips you over the edge – oh hello mode meltdown, goodbye motivation and sometimes even a full on strop!

I find on days like this I need to consciously remove myself from the way I am feeling. I love a good yoga session (not that I get chance to do it much these days) and I especially enjoy the shavasana (the relaxing bit at the end). Whenever the request is to take myself to where I find most relaxing, it is always a beach & my breath becomes the waves – perfection right there 🐚

As often as I can, I try and remember the amazing feeling of relaxation that I feel when being transported off to my happy place in those sessions. I find it doesn’t take much – just a little bit of mindfulness can go a long way.

You don’t need long at all, in fact just 60 little seconds will do. Next time you’re feeling like it’s all to much (or is about to be) why not try this:

Might sound a bit wanky – but it’s all about being present with yourself, looking from the outside in. You are not your emotions and you can do ANYTHING, but not everything.

Good vibes only xxx ✌️

On Wednesdays We Brunch 🥑

I love Wednesdays! 💕 Since returning to work as a Social Media Manager from maternity back in June 2015, Wednesday has been my day off with my little girl, Indi-Rose.

As she has got a little older and work has got a lot busier they have unofficially become my work from home day ✌🏻 

Balancing toddlers, laptops, naps, loads of washing and a springer spaniel can be a challenge so I find that one satisfying daytime meal (for me, not Indi-Rose) is easier than two….enter brunch.

It’s got to be quick, easy, healthy and fill me with energy (salad just won’t cut it!) Today’s choice was a blogger classic 🥑 avocado toast, (but actually bagel) and was delicious. Toasted wholemeal bagel, topped with my fav fat free quark and finished off with half an avacado. Set me up perfectly for a day content creating. Why can’t it be Wednesday every day?!

Good vibes only! ✌🏻