Bringing balance to February ☯️

What an amazing January, I feel very grateful to have had the chance to make the changes I did at the end of last year. This month has gone so fast. Working on some lovely projects and for amazing brands has kept me more than a little busy and I am loving it.

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Not only do I feel like I’m more present at home with Indi-Rose and Mr. Stink, I’ve used my new working pattern and flexibility as an opportunity to do something for me. I am back on the healthy train, choo choo!🚂

The end of last year saw my personal wellbeing take a backseat. Working full time, attempting to build a basis for my new venture, being Mummy and everything else meant I de-prioritised something, which I know affects every other part of my life. Put it this way I am generally a much nicer, more positive, productive human being after a run, as apposed to after a night of pizza and too much gin (although sometimes that is just needed 🍕🍸🍕🍸🍕🍸🍕🍸🍕🍸🍕🍸).

This time last year I was training for a half-marathon with my amazing Aunty & Uncle and felt great, however after said half marathon had been run, somehow my exercise took a backseat and takeaways very much jumped into the front.

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A stone heavier at Christmas and ready for the big changes ahead I decided that of course (how cliché?!) January was the right time to do something about feeling better physically and mentally.

I love all of the body positivity messages I see on Instagram for all shapes and sizes and I am trying to instil them within myself, for the sake of me and my daughter. Although I will always struggle with loving my body at it’s chubbiest.

Now do not get me wrong this is not just about weight, in fact that’s a bi-product of what I needed, yes I do want to feel better on the beach this Summer 👙 but as I get older I try not to focus on that stupid number as I once did.

I needed to get that positive ‘I can bloody do anything’ attitude back in my life, I was feeling like I was getting there by launching Happy Hippi, something I’m so happy about. However getting my healthy habits back into gear too, just means that in those moments of self-doubt (because I can assure you there will be many) I can pick up my runners or head to my training session, get my head back in the game and focus on the positive and turn my self-doubt around.

I love the odd bit of yoga, have picked my running shoes back up and I ’ve started one training session a week with an amazing trainer, who I was introduced to by my lovely sister in law Clarabell. Clare has been going since last Summer, after the birth of our gorgeous niece Harper Mae and she is one hell of an inspiring lady. Serious goals….you should see her plank! 💕 I am already learning more about my body and what it can do.

I am attempting to heal that unhealthy relationship with the scales that I have always had, not by pretending I don’t care and eating for England, but by being healthier and bringing the balance, treating myself when I feel like it and becoming one strong mama 💪 with my new work outs and a couple of runs a week.

Copy of And so the adventure begins...

As I move into February and new work opportunities present themselves I need to ensure that I am maintaining this amazing balance that I have struck. After all life is indeed all about balance, prioritising love over worry, making time for fun and health is for life, not just for January.

Good vibes only! ✨