Vitamin Sea ✌🏻🌊


At the beginning of this week I was taken to Wales along with my toddler boss (Indi-Rose) and the furry one (Roxy the Springer) by the grandparents, to enjoy some well earned beach time. The husband didn’t come this time as he’d used up all his leave and I’d carried lots over following a rather hectic year at work.

After packing far too much for 2 nights for me, a dog and a toddler, we squished into Nanny and Grandad’s car and were off. The drive to Wales from Stafford is so beautiful and my Dad’s satnav definitely took us the most scenic route. 🐑

drive to wales

We stayed at my parents’ friends’ lovely caravan at Greenacres, Porthmadog and I think Indi-Rose literally thinks it is the BEST PLACE EVER. Right on the beach, pooch friendly, swimming pool and all the arcade and park fun an almost 3 year old could possibly need.


As soon as we got there we hit the beach to give the pooch a run a get a dose of that amazing ‘vitamin sea’. I really wish that we lived nearer to the beach, there’s nothing like taking in that breeze and looking out to that beautiful sparkly expanse of water. I find it very therapeutic and that it always blows away the cobwebs.

Nanny and Grandad on the beach

As we had two nights with a toddler at a complex that has kids entertainment on site we thought we could sit and have a drink or two whilst Indi-Rose ran around the dance floor with other small people. No such luck, this child is OBSESSED with the arcades and the ‘party room’ is right next to the flashing lights, 2p machines and dreaded mechanical horses that she loves so much.

So Nanny, Grandad and I ended up taking turns running around the arcades after the little monkey in shifts. Very relaxing – NOT! Red wine and cheese and biscuits back at the caravan, was very much deserved and enjoyed afterwards. We were all shattered.

Rox with ball at Criccieth

The next day after a quick swim with Indi-Rose we took a drive out to Criccieth, so camera in tow (and toddler in need of a snooze, so asleep in the car with Grandad) I enjoyed some quality time with the pooch practising snapping away on the beautiful beach and near the castle.


Such a gorgeous part of the world even with April showers. With just two nights away we had another night taking shifts running round after Indi before leaving our lovely caravan (much to Indi-Rose’s disappointment, she definitely thought we lived there now) the next morning.

Beautiful Betws-y-Coed

We left early enough to take a slow drive back and do some exploring on the way home, so decided to stop at Betws-y-Coed – I’d never been and I will definitely be going back. Like something straight out of Lord of The Rings (personal fav.) it felt totally magical and I could’ve stayed for hours. A gorgeous little train station, complete with art gallery and craft village.

Edith .JPG
Edith the Rhino – an ace community art project…

A lovely couple of days with  Nanny and Grandad, enjoying quality time with my two baby girls made for a happy Mama. Gave me time to reflect on how lucky I am and It’s a shame to have to come back to reality…

Roll on the next one! Good vibes only… ✌️

Sunny Saturday Fun ☀️

Weekends are precious and this one was no exception. The plan of action was ‘no plans at all’ and I think they always end up being the best ones.

Saturday saw an impromptu get together with my 2 best friends & their husbands (still don’t feel old enough to say that) and ended up being a classic P, P & P (not classic at all, made up yesterday). With my 2 best mates and I having a toddler each it was always going to be pretty low key, but pedals, park and pub turned out to be a pretty awesome afternoon – throw in some sunshine for good measure, happy days!


Indi-Rose always get pretty excited when the bikes come out and we’re really lucky to have a cycle route, which is an old railway line, right from the back of our house straight to the lovely park in the centre of town.

BG & daddy BW


Slides, sandpit and swings in the sunshine for an hour or so was a great way to entertain the toddler bosses, and us to be honest. I just love it when the weather picks up and you can finally spend some time outside in the fresh air, really helps with the mum-guilt too.

Of course all that cycling, throwing toddlers down slides and trudging round the sand pit worked up a thirst for us parents, that it would’ve been (quite possibly) fatal if we’d not quenched. Onto the pièce de résistance of the ‘p’s – the pub!


On a sunny day like yesterday, classic beer garden weather,  it would’ve been rude not to spend at least a little time in such an establishment. The afternoon was finished off perfectly, for the parents among us, with a couple of cold ones at our local The Sun.

Pub Saturday B&W

To top it off, not a toddler tantrum in site. We do have crisps and the blessed Ipads (not for too long) to thank for that.

Yesterday was a great example of how life is about balance – in this case balancing the little people’s happiness at the park with ours in the pub.

kids B&W

An ace Saturday all round – enjoyed by little people and knackered parents alike.

Good vibes only! xx ✌️



Happy Snappy Mama 📷🌸

Happy Friday lovely people – hope you’ve had a good week…🌸

Friday Blossom

For this Mama it has been one seriously busy one, snap snapping away! After an amazing Easter weekend of fun (and far too much chocolate) my always busy social media manager job went into overdrive. With a short week, holiday planned next week and lots of deadlines looming it has been social media content creation central around here. Phewf – pass me the gin!

Travel Props

I manage the social media for 4 ceramic and crystal lifestyle brands. This week I’ve found myself surrounded by trays of product, props and delicious treats (all in the name of social media photography of course…!) at home and then part of an office move at work – crikey.

Indi-Rose helping

This is all fab and I LOVE my job – being able to plan, photograph, copy write, schedule and measure content from start to finish is ace. However there are days I do have the added fun of my little Social Media Assistant, my toddler, Indi-Rose. This week she has definitely been on hand to “assist” with my kitchen photoshoots in the evenings and on “our Wednesday”. Since returning to work from maternity in 2015 I have worked a 4 day week, so to keep a day mid-week where I know I’ll be spending it with my mini-me.

Indi Marmite Face

In recent months the job has got bigger and busier so my Wednesday with Indi-Rose has become my day working from home, just stick her in nursery I hear you cry…well I will but at the minute I’m still officially on my 4 day week contract so until that changes she’s staying with me. However throughout the challenges this week has flung at us, after many hours of organising and editing, I’m pleased with the results of “our” handy work. Here’s a sneaky peak of one of my images for a new Wedgwood collection …

Rococco Flowers tea squared

I’ve always loved photography and am a complete social media addict so I’m lucky to be able do a job where I get to get my creative juices flowing, can work from home from time to time and which I truly enjoy (and Indi seems to enjoy too, especially the macarons!)

Good vibes only! xxx ✌️


Fruit o’clock 🍓

My 2 year old daughter is my hero! She genuinely 100% loves fruit and veg. She would happily munch on a banana, an apple or some raisins over crisps and rubbish. I often wonder how she could possibly be my daughter…

fruit animation
Indi-Rose pinching fruit from the new Royal Doulton x Ellen DeGeneres collection

I mean I like it now. But not as much as I like gin & crisps with loads of dip and cheese…mmmm I love cheese!

I recently ran my first ever half marathon, fitting in all those runs around work, mummying and everything else was hard. But I did it and it felt good. 💪

Half marathon


(That’s my uncle Keith who is 60 and also ran the Stafford Half Marathon – faster than me!! Ace)

I used my training as an excuse to eat whatever the hell I fancied, burning calories meant eating more and hence the scales managed to go up and not down – boohoo! However the half marathon is now done, hours of long runs are over so it’s time to start eating more healthily. Summer is coming and so are holidays – so it’s time for a re-think.

You may have seen my overnight oats post from a couple of weeks ago? I do really enjoy them for a healthy breakfast but its’ time to up the anti on the fruit front a few days a week so I have invested in a smoothie maker. AKA fruit o’clock…🍓

I’m making my recipes up as I go along at the  minute – but I’m really enjoying my creations of various fruits and almond milk.


I work in an office with a canteen and lovely restaurant and tea room with amazing afternoon tea on site. With all those temptations near by it’s essential that I get my prep on as much as possible. Mason jars are such a cool way to prepare more than one lunch at a time. Take a look at my breakfast and lunch all ready for a hard day’s graft, just the other day.

mason jars

I’m still going to be carrying on running, I find that I’m more focussed, positive and find it really sorts me out when I need to un-jumble my brain from all the mummy/work/ life stuff. BUT shorter distances (I just signed up to a 10k race in May) so I can try to balance my healthiness with food AND exercise, not just one or the other.   I’m feeling more positive already!

Good vibes only! ✌️



Hello Spring 🌱

It’s April 🌼 officially Spring – at last! and it’s feeling like it too, sunshine and blue skies make me very happy!

We moved into the house we are in now almost exactly a year ago. We brought it from my hubs brother and dad who had completely transformed it from the shell they bought two years previous to that – we fell in love with it and so did our Indi-Rose.

Although everything they did was fantastic and gave the house a really amazing homely feel 💕there’s still lots to do. Tons of potential – I love planning, changing and updating interiors (almost as much as I love food, but not quite)

We’ve spent the last year making the house our home and mostly the mahussive garden usable. We’ve got lots more to do but we keep doing little bits at a time and are really starting to enjoy our space.

Yesterday hub and I spent a rare day off together. We brought a couple of things for the house, made some plans and cleaned and tidied throughout – sad, but so calming to wake up to the house feeling lovely today.

Kitchen so far

I like to think our style is calm and eclectic, I love calm colours contrasted with bright splashes and if I can feel like I’m being taken to a far off place, even better. I spotted these canvasses in Next (£22) yesterday and loved the colours. We’ve decorated with Dulux Polished Pebble in our living room and these colours complement the light and bright grey nicely.

I also love scented candles, they relax me – I have been lucky enough to be gifted some lovely Jo Malone beauties in the past, but the price tag means that they’re just not an everyday item for a Social Media Manager like me. So when I had a tip about some bargain luxury candles in Aldi a few weeks back, I’ve been making sure I’ve kept my eye out ever since. I finally found some when I was shopping yesterday and I have to say they smell gorgeous! The lime, basil and mandarin is my favourite. I love chilling with the candles lit in the evening and these look so nice for just £3.99 each.

Aldi candles

I love the change in season a new beginning and time for Summer plans…and especially the sunshine! ☀️

Good vibes only xxx ✌️