On Wednesdays We Brunch 🥑

I love Wednesdays! 💕 Since returning to work as a Social Media Manager from maternity back in June 2015, Wednesday has been my day off with my little girl, Indi-Rose.

As she has got a little older and work has got a lot busier they have unofficially become my work from home day ✌🏻 

Balancing toddlers, laptops, naps, loads of washing and a springer spaniel can be a challenge so I find that one satisfying daytime meal (for me, not Indi-Rose) is easier than two….enter brunch.

It’s got to be quick, easy, healthy and fill me with energy (salad just won’t cut it!) Today’s choice was a blogger classic 🥑 avocado toast, (but actually bagel) and was delicious. Toasted wholemeal bagel, topped with my fav fat free quark and finished off with half an avacado. Set me up perfectly for a day content creating. Why can’t it be Wednesday every day?!

Good vibes only! ✌🏻

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